Saturday, April 18, 2009

not all that glitters...

The original joy at starting this new venture has however turned into something that has not been that pleasant. The first update on this Blog, in March 2008 shows a time of excitement and anticipation for a fun filled future.

I will continue to add humorous anecdotes as i do not wish to depress people too much.

Some of these anecdotes will relate to the bizarre behaviour of some of the British ex-pats who decide to move to France; whilst the bizarre are few and far between, thankfully, they tend to add a little spice to a sometimes quiet life.

Apparently I am an optimistic and well balanced Libran so I hope this is reflected during this saga!

There have been many traumas, emotionally, physically and financially all of which are ongoing. It goes without saying life has become very difficult.

Probably one of the saddest and most important things is have been unable to return to England to see my children and grandchildren. Two of my children have visited us here within the last six months, but it adds to the sadness that we are not together.

Firstly I must, for legal reasons make a disclaimer here and say that everything is written here 'without prejudice' and all statements are made 'allegedly'.

The opinions and comments I make are from my perspective and from comments made by family and real friends.

All names and locations have been changed to mystify and intrigue the reader and to protect both the innocent and guilty!

It is sad it has come to such a sorry situation, but the point in doing this now, is not just for fun, but maybe to warn others considering a joint business venture.

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